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CBS Service Overview

New Home Orientation

About a week before the home buyer closes on the house, our walk through rep tours them through the house providing a full orientation.  This is referred to as the "walk through" or abbreviated on our internal calendar as "HOW" (Home Owner Walk).  Deficiencies are identified and recorded (punch list) and the warranty process is fully explained.  Punch list items are not managed by CBS.  It is the builder's responsibility to complete the punch list.

Re-walk Through

Typically the day before closing, sometimes the day of, our walk through rep meets the buyer back at the house to check off the items listed on the punch list.  We obtain a sign off and the homeowner closes on their house and moves in.  The closing date starts the one year warranty coverage.  Any punch list items not completed by closing are still the responsibility of the builder to complete.  CBS never takes over management of punch lists.

Warranty Request Intake

For non-emergency/non-urgent warranty requests, the homeowner's first opportunity to submit a list of warranty requests is at 60 days after closing.  Their second opportunity is at 11 months.  They are required to submit them through their online account (BuilderTrend).  It's imperative that claims are submitted online.  Not only for record keeping and time stamps but to kick off some automated processes like notifying our warranty intake rep.  Every, single warranty request needs to go through the warranty intake rep.

Once a warranty request or a set of requests are entered, our warranty intake rep is notified and several criteria are reviewed.  The warranty intake rep will determine if anything is urgent, if the homeowner is at 60 days/11 months, if their warranty is expired, etc.  After checking off the list and gathering all appropriate information, the intake rep will create a Todo.  Depending on what information was gathered, the Todo will either be assigned to a warranty inspector for evaluation or to a scheduling coordinator for scheduling a sub immediately.

Todo Assigned to Scheduling Coordinator

Todo Assigned to Warranty Inspector

If the warranty intake rep assigns a Todo to a scheduling coordinator, the scheduling coordinator contacts the homeowner and sub and coordinates a date/time for repairs.  It's the scheduling coordinator's responsibility to ensure an appointment is confirmed by both parties and that the appointment is recorded in BuilderTrend.  

If the warranty intake rep assigns a Todo to a warranty inspector, the warranty inspector schedules an evaluation with the homeowner. 

Warranty Evaluation

The warranty request(s) are reviewed on-site, claims are consolidated and revised, warranty determinations are made (approved or declined) and subs are assigned.

Feedback Notifications

The scheduling coordinator monitors warranty appointment feedback notifications.  Homeowners will provide feedback such as "Sub No-show" or "Re-work Needed".  The scheduling coordinator will take appropriate action depending on the feedback provided.

Todo Assigned to Scheduling Coordinator

The warranty inspector assigns a Todo to a scheduling coordinator for scheduling approved warranty requests.  Continue above starting at "Todo Assigned to Scheduling Coordinator".

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