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How to accept/decline a repair appointment

Once we've evaluated and approved a warranty request, you'll receive an email notification asking to accept our proposed work repair date/arrival time frame.  Please note: These email notifications are "No-reply".  DO NOT click "Reply" in your email program as we will not be notified of your response.  To respond, click the yellow "View Details" button within the body of the email:

Screenshot of Please Accept Warranty App

You'll then be asked to login to your account.  Once logged in, you'll see the options to "Accept" or "Re-Schedule" the proposed appointment.  If you choose the "Re-Schedule" option, please include your desired date/time, in the field above, prior to clicking the button:

Screenshot of Summary (1).jpg

If you chose the "Accept" option, no further action is needed.  If you chose the "Re-Schedule" option and suggested a new date/time frame, you'll be contacted by one of our scheduling coordinators to confirm or you'll receive a new email notification asking to accept the new proposed appointment.

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